Even though we only watch one channel ( 4 ), we still have the opportunity of seeing many Greek actors either in shows or in ads on TV. Of course our current most favorite actress is Julianna Margulies star of The Good Wife. We haven’t missed an episode and of course are very angry that she didn’t get an Emmy nomination this year. As my dad said ” All that talent, how could they not nominate her?”.

Then of course there are the ads – many of them for Greek Yogurt. The ones from Athenos featuring yiayia are funny but my dad insists ” No one would really behave that way “.  ( yes indeed ). Then there are the Greek Yogurt ads featuring John Stamos. My dad remembers him as ” The guy in the TV show with the cute little girls who aren’t cute anymore”. And of course there is Jennifer Aniston. We have seen her in hair coloring ads and in promoting her new movies. Recently we were contacted by a man in Greece working on his genealogy.  His name is Aniston and he claims to be related to Jennifer Aniston. He also claims that the Kelaidis family is related to her. ( dear old cousin Jen ).

Of course the ultimate Greek TV star was Telly Savalas ( Kojak ). What was unique about his show is that his brother Stavros actually stared in it. As my dad says ” The Greeks are all about family”. Of course this has its negatives and positives. The “family” tends to be nosy and always willing to give unsolicited advise. The flip side of that is the unconditional love and support that they will also give. The trick is remaining sane through the negative stuff so that you enjoy the positive stuff.