After much anticipation the new dryer finally has arrived. It arrived with the usually commotion of the dogs barking and the cats adding to the noise.  My dad was of course in charge of the whole operation.  First he made sure that the delivery truck had the name Lefty Martin on it. ( you probably don’t find to many of those running around ). Then he showed the delivery man where to take the new dryer and made sure that he took the old one ” This is our old dryer, it is broken and we don’t need it anymore. This is the one you take back with you “.

After an exchange of dryers and of course very friendly conversation. ( I suppose that just like the cable repair guy, we can expect this new friend to be showing up for dinner at some time in the future ). The awful thing was that my dad couldn’t remember the guys name. “What will I say the next time I meet up with him since I can’t remember his name?” ( hello? ). Once the delivery man left, All that was left was the final task of hooking up the dryer. Sounds easy huh? After going through several wrenches, screwdrivers , nuts and bolts and some really very creative language, the dryer is officially ready for use. We have given my dad the honor of being the first one to use it. No longer will our underwear be blowing in the wind and we can go back to using the patio for other purposes.