For most people replacing an appliance is an easy task. Our dryer died a few weeks ago and we have been hanging our clothes on very lovely clotheslines that we strung up on the patio. At night you could sit back and relax and watch our underwear blowing in the breeze. ( almost as exciting as watching summer reruns on TV ). Finally we decided it was time to get a new dryer. This shouldn’t be hard or take long – right?

We selected several stores to call to see what they offered  because ” we aren’t going to run around wasting our gas just to look at a dryer we my not buy” So the calling began. My dad insisted on being the one to ask the questions – what could go wrong with that? So we called Sears, Lowe’s and several other places but they just weren’t a good fit. Then we call a place called Lefty Martins. ” Hello – do you sell dryers?” “You do good and at what price?” “What do you mean they start at $300.00 – the last one I bought I only paid $25.00” ( of course it was also the 1950’s ). Finally we convinced my dad that $500.00 and under was a good price. So we settled on a Maytag ( name brand – right? ). $300.00 plus $70.00 for delivery and removal of the old dryer.  Now thanks to Lefty Martin our underwear will no longer be on public display after it is washed. Rumors were before Lefty died that he was connected to the mob. Does this mean that when our dryer is delivered on Tuesday, we will open it up and find a body with a toe tag -“Courtesy of Lefty Martin “. I can hardly wait.