Even though many right wing conservatives insist that we don’t have climate change – they need to explain the raising temperatures in Denver in the summertime. One of the bad effects of this massive heat wave is the number of people choosing to wear fewer clothes. Now don’t get me wrong, A fine fit body in a skimpy outfit is nice – who doesn’t enjoy eye candy – right? Unfortunately most of the folks that I have seen taking their clothes off should really be putting more on. Many of them should be covered from top to bottom and some of them should consider wearing masks. Beauty may only be skin deep, but ugly is to the bone – ugh!

We have finally convinced my dad to start wearing short sleeve shirts in the summertime. You know how erotic a glimpse of elbow can be. We have even convinced him that he doesn’t have to wear a suit jacket to Church in the summertime ( or actually anytime ). The first time he did this he was afraid he would be shunned and asked not to return. However, as I pointed out to my dad – he pays his monthly stewardship to the Church and he always pays on time. The Church is run by Greeks and the last thing the Greeks are going to do is turn away anyone giving them money.