Usually most mornings my dad sits down to have some coffee and his friend Medhi will drop by before going to open up his restaurant. Occasionally my cousin Takis will also drop by. If you glanced in the kitchen at that time you would think you were at the UN. It also sounds a lot like the UN – they are speaking English but you can’t understand a word they are saying. Actually my cousin Kathy told me a few months ago that if her Greek got any worse and if Takis English got any worse that they would just have to stop communicating.

Of course since this was Thursday, we also went grocery shopping. We learned several important things while out grocery shopping today. First – at the Dollar Store , if you press the wrong button on the check verification machine, the machine will invalidate the check and you have to write a new one. Or as my dad said ” They really need a better way to verify checks – their system stinks “. ( or you could hit the right buttons and get your check approved ). The second thing we learned today was the location of Nutella. My niece Katie asked us to pick some up for her. So of course the night before my dad could hardly sleep worrying that we would never find it. And yet almost as if by magic, there was the Nutella right next to the peanut butter and jams. We were able to go home happy, or as a terrible ex president said “mission accomplished”