The first question my dad asks every morning when he wakes up is ” What should we have for dinner?”.  Now, while I enjoy eating and dinner is my favorite meal, at 6AM my answer is “who cares?”. My dad always answers ” How can you not care what you eat?”  I have tried telling him it isn’t that I don’t care but at 6AM I am still trying to figure out what I want for breakfast, who thinks all that way ahead to dinner? ( my dad). Then at intervals during the day he will continue to ask the same question until you finally blurt out something. The result of course is that at dinner someone will ask ” Why are we having this?” and of course my dad’s reply always is ” Well it was what you requested. Why did you ask for something for dinner if you don’t like it? ( Why indeed)

This past week we have had a big controversy over our snacks. The big question facing us is should we get spice drops or gummy bears. Decisions,decisions – oh course the simple answer would be to get both. So of course we know that won’t happen. Plus at the end of the day my answer is again – who cares? There hasn’t been a snack made yet that has had to be tossed in this house due to old age. Most of the time we barely get the candy bag open and it disappears like magic. Gummy bears, spice drops, they all end up in the same place – right?