This post is dedicated to my cousin Nicole the feta cheese heiress. My cousin Takis (Nicole’s father ) works at a Greek market and is kind enough to get us feta cheese when we need it. ( what Greek doesn’t like feta cheese?) Takis will then bring the cheese with him to Church on Sunday and generally refuses to be paid for it. This results in our very popular family game of hide the money, while we are in Church. Usually my dad starts us off by stuffing money for the cheese into Takis pocket. In return Takis stuffs the money back into my niece Katie’s purse. Katie then proceeds to try and find ways of hiding the money on my cousin Nicole, before the end of the service. Of course we do  every so often take the time to pray – after all we are in Church.

This past week things worked out a bit differently and my dad and cousin Kathy ( Nicole’s mother ), decided that Kathy would bring the cheese by the house on her way to work Monday morning. Of course I was instructed to pay Kathy since my dad would not be awake that early. So Monday morning at around 6AM Kathy arrives with the cheese and puts it into our mailbox and heads back to her car. I immediately rush out the front door and try to give her the money, which of course she refuses to take. I then take the money and open the car door and throw it on the seat and run back into the house. As I am closing the door Kathy says ” I have to get to work but this isn’t over”. When my dad gets up and looks into the fridge he is very pleased “Oh good Kathy brought the cheese – I hope you paid her”.  I am starting to think it would be easier to buy some goats and make our own cheese.