On Tuesday this coming week I have a dental appointment. My dad and I have been using the University of Colorado Dental School. The prices are very reasonable, they are always current with the latest techniques, and the dental students and the professors are very professional. My dad wouldn’t go anywhere else. He , as always, has made a lot of friends and the whole dental school seems to know “big bad George”.

Last fall my dad was getting some dental work done. When he came home all he talked about was his new dental student Greg. Greg was so polite, very courteous and apparently was a lot like me. ( Greek?, a Democrat? a CU fan? ) my dad wasn’t very clear about how he was like me. A week later my dad came home and I asked him how things had gone at the dentist and how Greg was doing. My dad replied that the tooth repair had gone great but ” Forget about Greg – ask for someone else to take care of you. It appears Greg has a boyfriend”. Imagine , before I could even be set up I was shot down.

My dad was all excited when I told him that this Tuesday I would be seeing a male dental student David. However, I told him that along with the huge age difference, I wasn’t going to use the CU Dental School for my version of E-Harmony. What ever happened of going to the dentist just to get your teeth taken care of?