Since the 4th of July fell on a Thursday this year, we had to alter our grocery shopping day and the trash pick up day was changed. Of course this creates all sorts of confusion. The trash pick up was the easiest to fix. All we had to do was remember to put the trash out on Friday for Saturday pick up instead of Thursday for Friday pick up. What a relief when it was finally Friday. Now we can take the trash out and the burden of picking it up is now on the trash collectors.

Shopping is a whole different matter. First, how do we know that the clerks we like so much will be there and if they aren’t what will the new check out clerks be like. On the other hand it does open up the possibilities of making more new friends if there are new clerks. So some positives with some negatives. Also will the stores be more crowded on Friday than on Thursday – especially after a holiday. It is under these apprehensions that we will approach grocery shopping today.

At least the 4th was semi relaxing. My niece hosted a very nice dinner. The food was great and the company was fun. Occasionally in spite of ourselves we are able to relax and have fun. Of course this morning my dad told me that he did not sleep well just thinking of shopping on Friday. So we will head out to the grocery store to see what new adventures await us.