I try and go for a morning walk everyday. Especially now in the summertime it can be very refreshing and most of all it gets me out of the house. Wonder what would happen if I started walking west and never looked back – hmmm. Yesterday, while walking down the block, I passed this one house and a woman came running out. “How is your father doing? ” she said. Then she said “I wave back at him when you guys drive down the street and he waves at me”. ( This woman actually looks inside cars as they are driving by to see if people are waving at her). Of course my dad waves at people as we drive by and expects them to wave back. When they don’t wave back, my dad interprets this as being rude. I have told him that most people don’t look inside cars passing them by. Apparently this woman – her name is Ruth – does. And so they are now not only neighbors but friends.

When I returned home I told my dad Ruth had said hello. I also told him that on my walk a deer had crossed my path, stared at me and then kept on walking. ” If only you would have had your gun, we could have had a delicious dinner”. I told him that even though Colorado has concealed and carry laws, people frown on you shooting animals in public park areas. I don’t that any time in the future I will be asking him to go on walks with me.