My niece and I finally came to the awareness of way my dad refuses to watch any other station but CBS – Walter Cronkite. Yes I know he has been dead for a number of years now, but before he retired he was the anchorman that America watched to get their nightly news.  By the time he retired a generation of Americans was hooked on watching CBS nightly news. Many of these people are like my dad and now refuse to change the station no matter what.

Before the election last November, I began having my dad watch MSNBC. I told him he would enjoy the broadcasters more and he wouldn’t end up yelling at the TV ” Obama didn’t say that. Those SOB broadcasters don’t know what they are talking about”. He really liked Rev. Al Sharpton, Racheal Maddow and Lawrence Odonnel. Several months before the election he would watch them almost religiously – and no more yelling back at the set.

However, my dad still loves his shows on CBS: NCIS, NCIS LA, Criminal Minds, CSI Las Vegas, Person of Interest – notice a pattern? He doesn’t like the new Sherlock Holmes one – Elementary – because he can’t understand the English accent. However, it is on CBS so we will still watch it. For this same reason , my dad gradually drifted back to the CBS news. It is just much easier to not have to change the channel and leave it on one station. My dad will say ” I really like Al Sharpton and Racheal Maddow – to bad they are on that other station”. So now until the next election we are back to yelling at that dumb SOB on the nightly news because he just won’t report the truth about Obama.