A few weeks ago, I needed a new crystal and battery for my watch. We went to the mall and found a kiosk where the guy does watch repair. Even though my dad thought that the guy charged too much ( anything over free would have been too much ), we left the watch and picked it up a week later. After bringing the watch home, I noticed the time was an hour off.  ” That SOB, he ripped us off, I am tempted to go back and give him a piece of my mind “. I finally convinced my dad that he had repaired the watch but had just set the time wrong. I suppose this means we won’t be going back to that guy  and his kiosk for any more watch repairs or friendly conversation.

My dad doesn’t always view time in a reality based world. If you tell him – I am going to dinner with friends and will be back in about 2 hours – he literally expects you back home in exactly 2 hours. This includes travel time, waiting to be seated at a restaurant and getting your meal served. Or ignoring the fact that you may be having fun chatting and dining with your friends. After exactly 2 hours, you can expect the inevitable call on the cell phone. ( That is unless you accidentally leave your phone at home). I have tried explaining to my dad that you just can’t wave a magic wand and be at the front door at the proper time. I wish I could invent something like that. Think of the money that would be made by Greek parents buying one for their children.