Every once in a while I get the chance to gather up items that we haven’t used for years and take them to Good Will. this is my never ending battle to keep us from appearing on the show Hoarders. ( We have come close on many occasions). Today while gathering things up , I cut my finger and it started to bleed very heavily. On the way to the hall closet to get a band aid , my dad stopped me and asked ” Did you cut yourself?” I think he deduced that from all the blood. Then he asked ” Do you need a band aid?” I told him that was one option or we could wait and then call 911 after I had bled out. He apparently didn’t find my answer amusing and went and got me a band aid.

While driving to Good Will, my dad noticed several drops of blood on the steering wheel. ” We are going to have to sanitize the steering wheel, we don’t want someone else driving and getting infected”. Maybe he thinks I have vampire blood. It is always comforting to know that you are too diseased for people to be hanging around you. When we arrived at Good Will, the attendant told us that they had a promotion this month and they were asking people if they had old cars that could be donated to them.  My dad replied ” My car my be old but so am I and I am still driving it”.