My family has always been very politically active. I can remember going with my parents to Democratic campaign headquarters in Denver and stuffing envelopes for President Kennedy. Of course I was extremely young at the time. In 2008 we held an open house for President Obama. My dad was thrilled. He got to meet and greet many new people and made many new friends. He greeted people at the front door with ” You can’t come in unless you promise to vote for Obama “. In spite of our help Obama still managed to win.

It came as no surprise then that my niece Katie has said she wants to set up phone banks not only for the upcoming elections in 2014 but also to help fight a recall election of the Colorado senate president this year. Colorado passed several restrictive gun laws this past year and the NRA is trying to get several Democrats in the Colorado house and senate recalled  to prove that they still have power in Colorado.

My dad has offered to help with the phone bank. First , I doubt that he would follow the script given to him by the campaign. Second, these are supposed to be brief calls to people making them aware of the recall effort and getting them to the polls. These aren’t meant to be meet and greet and let me become your best friend phone calls – at that rate my dad would be lucky to do 2 a night. Finally, how do you get him to understand that you just can’t get on the phone and tell someone ” Just vote for the damned Democrat, you don’t need to think about what you are doing”.