Katie started her new job today. This means she won’t be around for the 24/7 papou watch – what to do. “We” decided that it would be best if I drove her to the bus stop ( since I am up early this is no big deal, however we will never tell papou that I didn’t wait to see her actually get on the bus ). This is the same young woman who somehow managed to live in Europe the last several years on her own – she apparently was just lucky enough to defy the survival odds without papou.

Of course the routine will be a phone call to papou when she arrives at work. This will be followed by a phone call at noon and then a final phone call as she is leaving to catch the bus home. And of course someone ( guess who ) will be at the bus stop early to bring her home. This could turn into an updated version of the movie – Driving Miss Daisy.

The last few years of my last job afforded me the “opportunity” of working from home. Before that I basically followed the same routine that Katie will be performing with the phone calls. Call when you arrive, call at noon and the most important , call as you are leaving for home.  The major problem with the last call is my dad calculates the travel time from your call and estimates the travel time and when you should be arriving home.  What he forgets to add to the equation is traffic congestion and weather conditions. Basically by his calculations you always arrive home late.  ” What happened?, I was getting worried” . I think Katie will be hearing this  frequently.