It has been extremely hot recently. Colorado weather has changed. You never used to need air conditioning in the summer time in Denver – you do now. Unfortunately we don’t have central air. WE have a roof top cooler that when it is turned on cools down only certain rooms in the house. Now ironically those are the rooms my dad frequents the most. I’m not saying this was planned – just very suspicious.

The cooler is located in the ceiling in the hallway. When it is turned on it blasts through part of the dining room into the kitchen, right to the spot at the kitchen table where my dad sits to eat – hmmm. Then the blast goes the other direction into my dad’s bedroom. Ironic isn’t it? When we talk to my dad about getting a better system like say central air conditioning, his answer always is “You won’t find a better system than the one we have”.  ( could we at least try?)

Needless to say the dogs are right by his side. He keeps saying that it is because of his charm and that animals have always loved him. Our dogs aren’t dumb, they aren’t about to come and die of the heat in my bedroom. Our cats on the other hand love the heat. You can find them by the vent in their room in the winter time or under the bedspread any time of year. How do they breathe under there?