Today my niece’s friend Ray helped my dad with the front yard. It mostly consisted of pulling a lot of weeds. Ray is a great guy and a hard worker but most important of all he loves doing things with my dad.  ( Could it be sunstroke or something mental? ). Anyway the yard looks great, but my dad is still mad because his brand of weed spray appears to no longer work on our weeds. ” This is very disturbing, we have to find a much improved weed spray when we go shopping tomorrow”. Ah yes another reason to get up bright and early in anticipation of the day ahead.

As Katie and I headed out of the house to go on our afternoon walk, we stopped to admire how nice the front yard looked. My dad immediately poked his head out of the front door ” What’s wrong?”. After assuring him that we were ok, that Katie had her cell phone and that we would not die of heat stroke , we started our walk. We have noticed recently that there are a number of young men and women in uniform also walking along the paths in Sand Creek. There is a VA retirement home and rehab center nearby. I think I will mention to my dad about the service men and women walking these paths with us. This might put his mind at rest about the “elements” that we might encounter. Plus I bet they can take out a rogue duck about to attack with very little effort.