No not the song. The last two days in Metro Denver we have woken up to a haze over the city and the smell of something burning. This has been caused by the fires in Colorado Springs about 40 miles south of us. So far no fatalities but many homes have been lost.  This has caused respiratory problems with the older people including my dad. However, it is Thursday and nothing stops Big Bad George from grocery shopping. And God forbid if our grocery store ever burned down. We probably would just starve.

At our first stop ( Safeway ) , our favorite checkout clerk Raymond was at his post and just waiting for us. My dad was so pleased. However, my dad was very concerned about our other favorite clerk Julia. Julia’s duty is to go round up the carts and bring them back into the store. Today Julia did have a safety mask on to prevent the smoke from getting into her lungs. My dad still insisted on making sure that she had placed the mask on properly and that it was tied properly ” What would happen if the mask fell off and she breathed in all that polluted air?” I did wonder why there wasn’t a similar concern with me not wearing a mask at all.

Our final stop at Sam’s Club was very disappointing. Our favorite checkout person Jose wasn’t there today.  And the new guy was a dud, he didn’t smile or exchange any back and forth banter with my dad. ” How did they hire that deadbeat?” I guess that question will always remain as a mystery to us all.