Our neighbor in the house to the right of us, Carol, sold her home and moved to California to be with her sister. Carol had been a good neighbor and we had watched her children grow up. ( they seemed to always be over here borrowing something) My dad got to the point where he would write down the many tools that they would borrow so that he could remember to ask for them to be returned. We really aren’t sure how many tools got lost on their return trip home.

My dad met the new neighbor a few days ago. Apparently, according to my dad ” He is Norwegian ” The man has been working tirelessly both on the inside and outside of the house. My dad’s assessment of him is ” He seems like a very nice guy, though he does have an accent and is hard to understand. Plus I am not sure how well a foreigner will fit in this neighborhood”. I think we may have to take my dad for a walk around the neighborhood – apparently it has been a while.

When we were dealing with our kitten crisis, we noticed that the mama cat would run across the street to the neighbors house and jump their fence into their back yard. Of course this meant that it had to be their cat – right? So of course, yesterday my dad saw the woman from across the street and decided to talk to her about “her” cat. My dad said to her ” I would appreciate you keeping your cat in your house, she just had kittens in our shed”. The woman replied “Ok I will do that but I don’t own a cat”.