On Sunday my niece Jackie came over to help capture and  rescue the kittens we had found in our tool shed. It wasn’t as easy as we thought it might be. The kittens found a hiding place between the wall of the house and the shed. They were all huddled together in one spot. WE tried tempting them out with food and using a soft broom to push them out by their butts – nothing worked. While this was going on my dad came out and suggested that we try using a rake to pry them out. I told my dad I preferred rescuing them and not mangling them. He still insisted that the rake would be more efficient and faster.

Finally we were able to barely move the shed and the kittens began to run. Jackie was pretty fast herself and we eventually had 3 kittens in cat carriers – we thought we had them all. Jackie picked up the carriers and put them in her car and headed for the Max Fund, a no kill cat shelter. Right after Jackie left, my dad came running in the house ” There is a kitten in the window well. I told you using a rake would be better”. Sure enough somehow we had missed a fourth kitten. My friend Lee came over and scooped the kitten out of the window well and we put him in another carrier. Since Max Fund was closed by now he would have to spend the night with us. We put food,water and a small box of cat litter in his carrier.

We put the carrier on a table on the patio where he would be safe. Every time my dad would walk by the carrier the kitten would hiss at him. “He sure isn’t very friendly” said my dad. I told him that he was scared but my dad insisted ” Ah hell, he has food,water and friendly people taking care of him. What more could he want?” Monday my niece Katie and I took him to Max Fund where he seemed very happy and they assured us he would be adopted to a loving home.