On the way to the grocery store today, we passed a Winchells Donut shop. My dad had bought donuts from this shop years ago when we still had our restaurant. He turned to me and said ” That shop always had the best donuts until the foreigners bought it.Then I had to find someplace else to buy donuts for the restaurant because those foreigners just don’t know how to make donuts properly”.( I guess this doesn’t include the Greek foreigners).

We also got horrible news about our favorite checkout clerk Bonnie. Apparently she had spent the last week in the hospital due to her severe COPD. Fortunately she is now feeling better and is back to work just in time to check us out. My dad informed her that the next time this happens she is to call him immediately so he can decide if she really needs to go. ( Calling doctor George).

When we came home from grocery shopping, we discovered that we had a litter of kittens in the shed next to the house. There was a mama cat and three solid black very cute kittens. My dad immediately informed me that we already had enough pets with the two dogs and two cats. None the less I have been taking food and water to them in the shed and they are becoming less afraid of me. My niece Jackie will be coming over Saturday morning and we will try and capture them and take them to the no kill cat shelter where they will get proper care and their shots. And who knows when they are ready to adopt, this is where they were born – right?