A few weeks ago my dad cut his finger and needed stitches. It wasn’t a very deep cut or really that bad of a cut but the skin was pulled back and it was bleeding profusely. Naturally we went to the emergency room at the University of Colorado Medical Center. It was quite exciting as the University had just opened a brand new ER to deal with their increased flow of patients.  My dad was a little disappointed because in the new ER they take you directly to a room – no time to meet and greet other patients in the waiting room – how can you make new friends this way?

However my dad was able to chat with the doctors and nurses as they came and went to check him out. Finally , the nurse washed and cleaned his finger and it was ready for the doctor to stitch up. After the doctor had finished he told my dad that “perhaps” the stitches could come out in two days.  Of course to my dad this meant that the stitches would be out in two days and sure enough in two days we were back at the hospital. The doctor took one look at my dad’s finger and said that it had not healed enough and that the stitches would have to stay in a  few more days. My dad was not happy with this assessment. ” If only that quack doctor would have stitched my finger properly, the stitches would be gone by now”. We told him that sometimes older peoples skin heals more slowly, however he said he never wants the original doctor to work on him again ” Who knows what he would mess up the next time?”