I am glad to be back posting my blog. For those of you that expressed your support and told me that you missed it while I was gone, I hope you will enjoy it even more now.

Sunday morning as usual, we were getting ready for Church. This particular weekend the trash pickup had been late because of Memorial Day. Instead of Friday the trash was picked up on Saturday. So Sunday morning our trash barrel still had not been brought back into the garage. Since I was ready for Church and I was waiting for Katie and my dad to finish getting ready, I decided to back the car out and bring the trash barrel into the garage. Apparently, while I was backing the car out of the garage , my dad looked into the garage and saw that it was empty. He turned to Katie and said ” It looks like your uncle has gone to breakfast with one of his friends. I hope he returns in time so that we are not late for Church”.

I brought the trash barrel into the garage and came back into the house. When I came back into the house my niece said to me “Who did you go to breakfast with? Did you just get back?” I told her all I had done was bring in the trash barrel. Maybe next week I should go to breakfast. At least after Church we were able to resume our regular routine and go to Arbys. As usual everyone there was thrilled to see “big bad George “.