Yes Katie is finally back from Europe. Unfortunately we spent the better part of Tuesday at the airport waiting to pick her up. My dad likes to go early – really, really, really early. I’m kinda surprised he didn’t have us there Monday night – “just in case”.  Katie’s flight was due in at 6:40 so of course we had to be at the airport at 5. This way you get to relax, have a hot chocolate and you aren’t being rushed ( You also get the opportunity to sit on your rear end for extended amounts of time and people watch – there are really some very ugly people at airports ) So, we get there at 5 and find the flight has been delayed 15 minutes ( oh joy).

Finally the plane lands but no one is departing. My dad approached a security guard and said ” My grand daughter’s plane landed but she hasn’t gotten off the plane yet – where is my grand daughter?” The security guard explained that for international flights, once the flight has landed, the passengers have to get their bags and then go through customs. My dad replied ” This is a hell of a way to run an airport. I want to see my grand daughter. I am sure she is tired and hungry and she doesn’t need any of this nonsense.”  While this might have been true, it made no difference. We waited with the other people until Katie came out. She said she was happy to be back home – how long will that last?