Well apparently we survived Palm Sunday. Angela and John are still speaking to us and we will all be sure and sit in the correct pew the next time. So now we prepare for Holy Week. As Orthodox Christians you learn as children that services will be long – 2 to 2 1/2 hours on an average Sunday ( and those are the short ones ). Holy week is about the same, except some of the services can run even longer – especially Wednesday and Good Friday. For those non Orthodox Christians, I would recommend coming to the Good Friday service if you want to see a truly beautiful Church service.

We have a tradition in our family for Holy Week of counting the attendance at Church before the service begins. For example, my dad will write on a little pad : Monday night 6PM ( services start at 7 ) 2 in attendance ( him and me ). He keeps track every night of when the last possible moment occurs that you can still obtain a good seat in the Church ( because as we all know, God only hears you if you sit at the front of the Church next to the Priest). I don’t know why my dad takes attendance, he has always done it, we are usually some of the first people to arrive and there are always plenty of seats available. Of course you must also be sure to sit in the correct pew. Sometimes attending Church can be very stressful.