Every 4 years the Orthodox Church and the rest of the Christian world celebrate Easter on the same day. This is not one of those years. We will be celebrating Easter on Sunday May 5th. Those Orthodox Christians who also happen to be Latino get to celebrate two holidays at once : Cinco De Mayo and Easter – how cool. Of course this also means that we really luck out because we get our Easter candy very cheap. Sometimes being second isn’t always a bad thing.

Since this was Palm Sunday, my dad suggested that we go early because the Church would be packed. ( Since when did we not go early?). I guess he means super early – we always enjoy helping the Priest unlock the Church doors and dusting off the pews. So, we got to Church early and sat in what my dad thought was “our pew”.  As the service began, my dad realized that we were one pew ahead of where we are “supposed” to sit. Our cousins Angela and John and their children usually sit in the pew in front of us ( not today). “Oh my God we are in the wrong pew!!” said my dad – not all that quietly either. I suppose this means that Angela and John may never speak to us again and some time after Easter we will have to have a duel to decide proper ownership of the pew.