Yes, it is true we will be breaking our usual Thursday grocery shopping routine and we won’t be going until Friday. The reason for breaking this family tradition is that my dad will be going to help the “old ladies ” at the Church with their cooking for the food festival. Now if my dad is one of the younger people helping out today, my guess is the average age would be around 150 – that is just a guess – not an actual fact. Still, I must say that I admire their devotion to the Church and they aren’t bad cooks. One of the perks of having my dad go help is that he always brings great Greek snacks. You add those to all our Willy Wonka chocolates ( we will be receiving these for another 4 months ), we could be snow bound for a year and not have to worry about not having something to eat. Tasty – yes. Nutritional-I think so but then I am not an expert in the field.

One thing that does worry my dad about waiting until Friday to go shopping, is that we might run out of food ( in one day?). We have enough food to supply the UN food bank for a year but we might run out of food. This also explains our very sleek model like builds – no pumping iron here. We did however run out of sour cream potato chips ( a household favorite ) . My dad promised to make a special stop at the grocery store ,after he is done cooking, to pick up a couple of bags for TV watching tonight. Really, can life get any better than that?