I don’t know if this is climate change or just a normal Colorado spring snow, but I am really getting tired of snow and shoveling. Yes it is beautiful to look at and I am sure the skiers are thrilled. Of course this does provide a change of routine for us, I get to go shovel the snow and my dad gets to assess my snow shoveling expertise. Of course, the first question asked is ” How deep is it?”. ( Apparently deep enough for me to have to be out here shoveling). Then we have ” I think you may have missed a spot”.  Of course once I am inside, there are all sorts of questions about the texture, weight and size of the snowflakes and snow.  This could lead to a new career for me as a weatherman.

Of course on days like this when you are snowbound, you appreciate living in a good sized house with many rooms and having internet access. My dad will play solitaire for a while and then look for various projects to do around the house. The dogs will follow him step by step and then stare at him in amazement as he tightens a bolt or hammers a nail – no one does it quit like papou.  It is too bad my niece Katie isn’t here yet. On a day like this she would be in the kitchen cooking up a tasty snack. Nothing helps you cope with each other while being snowed in than a plate of cookies or a nice juicy cake ( chocolate of course ).