Since it is Sunday, then yes we must be in Church. As usual we arrive earlier than most of the congregation. A few years ago we went from sitting in a pew in the center of the Church to a pew on the right side. This was done mainly because my dad really can’t hear and there are huge speakers on the sides of the Church. Normally this would be no big deal – changing pews. However for Greeks , their family and friends, it is a major incident. When a Greek family goes to a Church, they claim a pew or pews if necessary and it is theirs until the last member dies. It is interesting and sometimes amusing to watch a family of 120 members cram into a 15 seat pew ( no fatties allowed ).

Anyway , the first Sunday that we changed pews we had family members and friends coming to us after Church with questions like ” Why did you move, are you angry at us? ” ” What did we do to offend you?” Eventually when everyone found out the real reason for the move it appeased most of them and they were no longer hurt or insulted. There are still, however, a few people that still look at us suspiciously every time we enter the Church. ( Did we move on purpose to insult them? probably – right? ).

This particular Sunday, the speakers weren’t turned on fully. So at one point at the start of the service my dad turned to me and said ” I wish one of the board members would tell the Priest that his speakers aren’t working”. Well apparently someone heard what my dad said ( who didn’t – he talks rather loud when he can’t hear because apparently he feels we can’t hear either). Anyway shortly soon after the Priest’s  voice came out loud and clear through the speaker and then we enjoyed the rest of the service.