There is much excitement around the house right now because we just learned that my niece Katie will be returning to live with us for a while. How long we don’t know, you have to consider the mental stress that dealing with us entails. Anyway along with the excitement was the panic that we might not have any of the foods around that she would like  or as my dad stated ” We better stock up on that kung fu stuff “.  Even though she won’t be here for another week, we can’t  take any chances that she will get off the plane , not like any of the food we have and starve.

We also have to stock up on her beverage of her choice or as my dad says “Katie’s coke”. The interesting thing is that when my niece Jackie lived with us we bought ” Jackie’s coke”. Who would have ever believed that both girls would eventually have a drink named after them. I myself prefer my own brand of coke – the one with the word diet in front of it.

I am also really starting to worry about my dad’s vision. Today at the store a very nice African American woman was at the checkout. My dad went to the checkout and said ” I would great you in Spanish, but my Spanish is so bad anymore that I will have to say hi in English”. After staring at my dad for a while the clerk responded ” My Spanish is pretty bad too”. We checked out and went home happy , making another friend in the process.