On Monday it snowed all day – typical spring snow for Colorado – wet and cold. Of course this did create some panic , because ” What if it is still snowing on Thursday?”  ” Will we have to postpone our grocery shopping and do it on another day?”. Now the odds of it snowing four days straight in Denver are phenomenal. And yes it could snow again on Thursday, but from Monday to Thursday the sun could also come out and melt everything. Colorado weather is funny that way.

Plus, we could miss grocery shopping for several weeks and still have enough food around to feed half the people in the Denver metro area. We like to have extras of everything ” just in case “. Also we are still receiving our monthly chocolate treats from Readers Digest. ( In fact this week we got 2 boxes of goodies ). Willy Wonkas chocolate factory is alive and well. ( I am just glad they are all fat free – right?).  So we are making our contingency plans today. If we can’t go Thursday, we may have to go Friday. Of course then this brings up a two sided issue. On one hand we run the risk of our favorite clerks not being there to meet us, greet us and check us out. On the other hand, there is the excitement of meeting new clerks, telling them all about the family and learning all about their families. ( It is amazing what you can learn in a small amount of time if the right questions are asked – and we do ask them ). So much excitement and the week is just beginning.