Saturday I went with friends to the University of Colorado spring football game. My dad used to go with us but he now tires out to easily so he waits at home with anticipation for us to tell him how we feel the team will look each year.  Of course the also includes our routine of calling him once when we arrive safely in Boulder and then another call as we are leaving. Usually this results in arriving home later than he thinks we should and the inevitable question “What took you so long?”.  Perhaps next time we should consider flying.

The tradition also is to go out and eat after a football game – this includes the spring game. Since it is still lent and we are fasting, my friend suggested we go to an all you can eat salad place called Sweet Tomatoes.  Now while this is mainly a salad place, it also has a bread, potato, pasta, fruit and dessert bar – all you can eat. We got our food and we were directed to a booth. After sitting down and looking around the place for a while , my dad stated ” They should call this place fat tomatoes or at least very plump tomatoes”. Looking around myself , I must agree mt dad did have a point. To some of the folks there, all you can eat meant anything that wasn’t moving. After a while my dad commented that we should open a weight watchers next to the salad place. The only thing we couldn’t decide on was if we should have a bread, potato, pasta, fruit and dessert bar at our weight watchers. After all , when the people were done exercising and working out, they would be hungry – right?