On our way out to go grocery shopping today we encountered the mailman. After he and my dad hugged each other and said their hellos and then goodbyes we headed to the car. When we got into the car my dad said ” He is doing much better today, doesn’t even walk with a limp. As you know he twisted his ankle last week and could barely walk “. ( I didn’t know this, how interesting ). When we got to the grocery store, we were in for even more excitement. Apparently David the checkout clerk had returned from his vacation and would be able to check us out again today. I am always the last one to know these things – welcome back David.

The really exciting event today was buying a new phone. As always we  want the best quality with the cheapest price. We finally found the phone of our dreams $15.00 – not bad. Of course now the big decision is do we plug the new phone in now – it just might not charge enough. Or do we wait and plug the phone in tonight and let it charge over night – this way it will have charged sufficiently and we can carry the phone around the house however long we want. By dinner time we still hadn’t decided ( of course we eat at 3pm ). This will be the main topic of discussion for the rest of the evening. It could be a long night.