Well, it snowed all day today and it actually is still snowing. The weatherman had forecast this change in the weather and this created exciting times around here. My dad visualizes himself as the national guard for weather alertness. He spent Sunday night and Monday morning calling family and friends making sure that they were leaving early enough for work and dressing properly for the weather. I can say without a doubt that everyone left their homes prepared for the snow. As a result , we spent the day home together, and  managed to survive. ( It is a big house ).

My dad was supposed to go help the “old ladies” cook at the Church but of course that was cancelled due to the weather. They don’t want these ” older ” people driving in bad weather – Truth be told many of them shouldn’t be driving at all. They are literally in God’s hands when they enter those cars and strap on that seat belt.  So basically, my dad played solitaire on the computer all day ( when he wasn’t on the phone ) If the phone ever goes dead we are in deep trouble. I decided to do some washing. The first load went fine and our newly repaired dryer worked like a charm. However, during the second load the dryer died again. My dad claims that: I overloaded it , turned the nob on the machine wrong and I guess basically didn’t smile enough while looking directly at the machine. It died due to hurt feelings I guess. Of course no mention was made that the repairman just may not have fixed it properly. Another day of wet underwear.