For several years now we have been trying to get my dad to switch from shopping at Sams Club to Costco.  We favor this move mainly for political reasons ( Costco’s starting pay for workers is $17.00 and they provide full healthcare and  paid vacations – what a concept ). What finally changed my dad’s mind was his friend Medhi. Friday morning while having coffee with my dad Medhi mentioned switching to Costco since he had done it several months ago. All of the sudden my dad thought that this was a brilliant idea. Why didn’t we think of this before? ( Some of us did ).

So this week begins a new shopping experience for us. Not only will we be able to wander around a new store and declare that they don’t have what we are looking for – the item is usually there if someone ( guess who ), looks hard enough. Also , there will be a whole new store full of clerks to meet and great. This could be the social event of the year. And to think we get to come back and do it again next week. These lucky people haven’t yet heard ” If I was any better I would make medicine sick” or ” You can find my picture on the wall of most post offices” or of course ” This check will get you into the White House”. And just think all of this is possible because Medhi came up with this brilliant idea. What a guy.