So, Wednesday night I am doing laundry and the dryer decides not to work.  Normal people would call a repairman and have him come and take a look. Not us, first my dad decides to practice his skills at repair. After about a half hour, we have parts all over the laundry floor and my dad tells me ” well I took everything apart but I forgot where the fan belt is located”. This might be a little funny if I still didn’t have clothes in the dryer – nothing is worse than wet underwear. Still we will not call a repairman.

My dad has many friends who are” make shift mechanics”. What ever could go wrong with this plan? So, one by one they come over to the house and help him “check things out”.  Finally the last guy figures out what is wrong and locates the fan belt. Minutes later the dryer is fixed ( 2 days after I started my wash – by this time my clothes are dry ). My dad forgets however, to have his friend help him hook the dryer back up. As a result we are waiting Sunday afternoon for my niece Jackie’s boyfriend to come over and help my dad hook the dryer back up. You will notice that I was never even asked to help with this project and probably for good reason. My mechanical expertise is somewhat lacking – but it is nice to be asked. Even if you are the last one around to be asked. Oh well at least next week I can dry my clothes.