My dad loves Readers Digest. He reads it front to back and then saves various articles for certain people. ” I just know you will enjoy this”.  My dad has also been entering the Readers Digest sweepstakes contest for years now. They should have awarded him a prize if nothing else for being the longest running contestant. Even though he has yet to win , he mails in his form religiously. Now, they tell you that no purchase is necessary to enter. Well to my dad that just didn’t seem right. You don’t get something for nothing – right?

So, he decided to order the sweet of the month. For 2 years now  on a monthly basis, we have been delighted to receive some tasty chocolate morsel in a very nice collectible tin. ( we just wait for the UPS driver to ring our doorbell at the first of each month ). My dad has assured me that these chocolate treats are non fat and meet all daily nutritional requirements – ( don’t all chocolates do that ?). As a result , the last 2 years have been like living in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Don’t get me wrong the candy is delicious, but it isn’t non fat.  I suppose that this will help us during Lent. Thank God we aren’t Catholic and giving up chocolate candy for Lent.