So, here we are fasting again for another Easter lent.  It really isn’t that hard and if done properly it can result in improving you both physically and spiritually.  Saturday night I decided to fix me a salad. Along with the Feta cheese , I thought kidney beans would go well with the salad. Now supposedly our pantry has the cans in order alphabetically. I went through the letter K and saw no kidney beans. My dad said ” you are looking in the wrong place “. He went over to the pantry and pulled out a can of kidney beans that had been right next to a can of corn.  I asked him whose alphabet he was using because even in the Greek alphabet you would never have kidney beans next to corn.  My dad said that he decided to put all the beans together, therefore b comes before c so the beans were next to the corn. This is going to be a long Lent.

Monday my dad went to the Church to help the “old ladies ” cook for the upcoming food festival. My dad is 82, just how old are the “old ladies? “. he will come back exhausted and tell me how they only ask him to help because they are so disorganized, that they need him to straighten them out. He will also make the observation , that if they didn’t talk so much, they could get more done. Apparently he never got the memo that this was also to be used as a social event ( and he usually loves social events ). When he leaves he will tell them that it was a pleasure working with the prettiest women at Church. ( Should you really lie like that during Lent? ).