No not mine the dogs. About every two months we get our dogs groomed. They are cocker spaniels and can get a bit shaggy after a while. This usually is a normal routine for most families – but of course not for us. The shop hours for the groomer on Saturday are 8AM to 2PM. The earlier you get your dog there , the sooner the dog will be groomed and ready to come home. For us this means of course getting there early, God forbid anyone should arrive earlier than us ( this includes the staff ). Nothing is more pleasant than spending 15 minutes in a closed car with 2 anxious dogs panting and barking away.

Finally we check the dogs in and are told ( just like we are told every time we go ), that as soon as the dogs are groomed we will be called. But it will be no later than 2, because that is when they close. We come home and by noon my dad is saying ” Where are my dogs, haven’t they finished with them yet?” ). At this point he calls the groomers only to be told that they are almost finished with both of them and we will be called soon to pick them up. Of course to my dad this means that we need to jump in the car and go pick up the dogs, because as soon as we get there the groomers will have finished. Of course, we get there early and wait. My dad tells me ” Why did they tell us to pick up the dogs if they hadn’t finished yet? ” ( It does make you wonder doesn’t it? ). Finally the dogs are handed back to us very nicely groomed. We head back home where things can get back to normal. The dogs will follow my dad around the house watching his every move and my dad will have someone to talk to that pays attention to every word he says.