This morning after my dad woke up and had his breakfast he said to me ” You know I really miss Katie, it is so quiet around here” ” Every time I look at the family room all clean and not messy any more, I think of how much fun it was to have her around”.  Now Katie, if you are reading this, stay focused on how much papou misses you and ignore the rest. Also, apparently Katie wore out my dads pot scrubber because we had to pick up a new one at the store today. Could it be that it was just old and that those pots had not been used in a while?

Since it is Thursday, then of course we went grocery shopping again. The list was different this week because we are entering lent and you can’t eat certain foods if you are fasting. ( Thank God coke isn’t one of them ). When looking at the microwave dinners, my dad asked me to look for the ” 3 zits ” meal. I finally realized he meant the 3 cheese ziti.  We picked up several other meals -and as my dad stated ” Since Katie is no longer here, we don’t have to look for that kung fu stuff anymore”.