Well Katie officially left for Europe today, leaving my dad and I home alone together. If that doesn’t scare you nothing will.Of course Katie will only be away from us physically. Thanks to the phone and computer my dad will be able to keep track of Katie’s every move even on  a different continent. Aren’t these modern times wonderful? Even before Katie left yesterday, my dad rearranged the family room back to its original state. He said that even though he would miss Katie a lot it would be nice getting the family room back to normal. Makes me wounder what plans he makes every time I leave the house – is he disappointed when I return? Hmmm

Also, last night we were able to watch TV in the family room beyond 9PM.  The rule had been that we were to leave the family room at 9PM sharp because Katie needed her sleep. She never did go to sleep at 9PM but we did evacuate the family room and not a minute late either. My dad is very punctual. So, here we are planning our evening together. You can just feel the excitement in the air. One thing we can definitely count on is that some of our favorite shows will be on tonight on channel 4. Doesn’t matter how many times we have seen them before ( Please let them be new shows ), we will watch them again and enjoy. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.