The mood around the house has been frenzied all day so far. My niece Katie is headed back to Europe. For a whole week now my dad has been asking her if she has finished packing ” You don’t want to wait until the last minute ” . Could we at least wait until the day before? Her flight leaves at 6PM, but of course we must get to the airport at least 2 hours early ” just in case “.  This also means that we have to stay and watch as she goes through security until she is out of sight. I suppose she still hasn’t learned to board a plane on her own. How does she do it when she is by herself in Europe?

Of course seeing her off is only one part of the whole organized event. We also have to coordinate phone calls. First she will call when she arrives in London. Then she will call as she leaves London and heads for Germany. Finally she will call us when she arrives in Germany to let us know she is safe and hasn’t been kidnapped by gypsies ( you just never know ). Maybe we can get her to call later on that night and she can tell us what she is having for dinner. My dad just doesn’t understand why flying stresses some people out so much. Or as he says ” Katie really needs to learn to relax more “.