My niece Katie will be going back to Germany on Tuesday. This means that Friday afternoon my dad asked her if she was all packed yet. According to my dad if you aren’t packed a week in advance, you just can’t travel properly. Also, not only do we have a printed out schedule of her departure but we must go over the details on a nightly basis to make sure ” we are all on the same page “. My dad acts like if Katie forgets something that she will never see it again. First, it isn’t like she is leaving the item in a strange place that she will never return to. Second, they have this really neat service called the mail.  We can actually send items to Katie in Europe – what a crazy newfangled world we live in.

Friday night and all day Saturday it snowed again. This meant of course that we had to spend quality time together.  I think we spent enough quality time to last us for several years. Fortunately, there were college basketball games to watch and these provided a perfect distraction and allowed us the freedom to not have to talk to each other. The only time real panic set in, was when snow gathered on the dish and briefly knocked out our service. We cleaned the snow off the dish and much to everyone’s relief programming was restored.  Of course, the real highlight of the evening was my dad checking out the front door from time to time and relating the current weather conditions to us. ” It’s still snowing and we have about 6 inches – It’s still snowing but we are now up to about 12 inches”.  Saturday night just doesn’t get any more exciting than this.