Lent began in the Greek Orthodox Church and so Wednesday my niece Katie and I decided to go to Church. My dad found out we were going and said he would come along but asked my niece how long she thought Church would last. Katie told him an hour to an hour and a half – my dad swears she told him half an hour. Now anyone who has gone to an Orthodox service or knows anyone who has, will tell you that in the history of the Church there has never been a service shorter than an hour. So we went to Church – the service lasted almost 2 hours and my dad kept glancing at his watch nervously. The length of the service had upset my dad’s whole evening routine: the dogs were fed late, he missed the  news and he was late taking his shower – just one bad night period. He replied to me ” remind me to never ask Katie again about Church services and the time because she apparently has trouble telling time”.

Thursday night you would have thought my dad would have learned his lesson, but oh no here we go again. We wanted to watch the Cal Bears ( my nieces alma mater ) in the basketball tournament. My dad asked my niece what time the game would be on TV and she said 5:30 – she read it wrong – it actually was scheduled for 5:45 -oops! On top of that the game before the Cal game  ran long making the Cal game run late. My dad sat down at exactly 5:30 prepared to watch basketball. At about 6:20 the Cal game finally started. My dad replied to my niece ” remind me to never ask you the time for an event again – I see now why you don’t wear a watch” We did enjoy the game Cal won and we are now prepared to watch Colorado play on Friday -please just don’t ask Katie when the game starts.