My niece while she is staying with us, sleeps on a sofa sleeper in the family room. My dad has always been an early riser. This is due to the many years when he ran a restaurant and had to be there early to get food prepared for the opening. Usually he is up at 5 every morning. The first thing he does is head for the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. The kitchen is located next to the family room. So, after starting his coffee, he goes into the family room and opens the blinds to let the sun shine in. This normally isn’t a problem unless someone is sleeping in the family room. The way the sofa sleeper is situated, when the blinds are drawn the sun will hit you directly in the eyes -( what a fun way to be woken up on a daily basis ). The other day my niece had the nerve to complain that the sun was hurting her eyes. My dad replied ” It is just the sun – who doesn’t like the sun? ”

Since we watch TV in the family room, it makes going to bed for my niece another exciting adventure. My dad decided from day one that at 9PM we were to pull out the sofa sleeper so that my niece could go to sleep. Doesn’t matter what we are watching – if we are in the middle of a show, nothing matters. The family room must be evacuated promptly at 9 PM. My niece has pointed out to my dad several times that she doesn’t turn into a pumpkin at 9 and rarely goes to sleep then. It doesn’t matter – at 9 we leave the family room so Katie can get her sleep.