Yesterday ,we were going to register both dogs to keep them legal. Nothing difficult about that right? First, as we were backing out of the driveway, we noticed several city workers breaking up the sidewalk in front of our house. Of course, being curious and sensing the opportunity of making yet another new friend, My dad had me stop and he rolled down his window. “Hola Jose, what are you guys doing to my sidewalk?” The guy’s name must have been Jose because they chatted for several minutes and became good friends. ( I wonder which night he will be joining us for dinner ).  We then drove off for the Aurora animal shelter to register the dogs.

Of course at the shelter we were presented the opportunity of making more friends. When we approached the counter, the woman asked my dad how he was doing. ” If I was any better I would make medicine sick” was his reply. We then discovered that we only had papers for one dog and had to go home. When we got home we called the vet to see if they would e-mail the rabies certificate for the other dog. What we got was a recorded message telling us that the vet had been displaced by impending light rail, but if we left our name and number or the name and fax number of a new vet , they would be happy to fax the records. My dad was furious that the vet hadn’t bothered to give us notice so that we could have picked up the records before they closed. I won’t repeat what he said – but he was mad. I think he was actually more upset that the dogs would have to get used to a new vet than if he would have had to get a new doctor. After all “They were comfortable in the old clinic and trusted their last vet. How will they react to a new one?” I guess if they bite the new vet we will have our answer.