Saturday night we decided to go to the Texas Roadhouse. It would be one of the last weekends my niece would still be with us before going back to Germany and it would be the last Saturday before lent and fasting. Of course these days the Texas Roadhouse just isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Oh the food is still excellent and the prices can’t be beat. However, our favorite server is now gone. My dad and he had become great friends. His name was Drew and we would always ask to be seated in his serving area. Plus , by the time he left, Drew knew more about the family than most of the rest of us did. So there we were Saturday night , trying to enjoy a very good dinner but knowing things would never be the same without Drew.

I always feel a little sorry for the poor individual chosen to be our server. My niece orders a salad with nothing on it but lettuce. I fully expect one day for them to just put a head of lettuce on a plate and serve it to her that way. My dad likes his steak medium rare ” not burned to a crisp like my son” – or as I call it well done. He also asks them to box his salad for him as he will take it home later. He says that between the steak and loaded baked potato ” It is just too damned much for one old man to eat- just what are they thinking?” Especially when he asks them to “put everything in the kitchen that isn’t moving on my potato”. Now that is truly loaded.