Yesterday when I was grocery shopping with my dad, a few unusual things happened. First after getting the cart we were in an isle where we needed several items. With the cart in the middle of the isle , my dad went down one side and I went down the other. I brought my items back and put them in the cart.  When my dad came back he started putting his items in the woman’s cart that was right next to our cart. The strange thing was that the woman just stood there and watched him do it and didn’t say a word. Finally I pointed out to my dad that he was putting items in the wrong cart. He immediately picked them up and put them in our cart. The woman then smiled, shrugged her shoulders and moved on down the isle with her cart without ever saying one word. ( What would she have done at the checkout ?)

Next, we needed nightlights. We asked a clerk where we would find the nightlights and he said we would find them in hardware. Easy enough right? My dad instead went to automotive parts and stated ” He was no help, I don’t see the damned things here at all”. I told him that we were in the wrong department and needed to go to hardware, to which my dad replied “Well I don’t see the damned things here, what was that clerk thinking?”. I decided to go to hardware, found the nightlights and returned to where my dad was. He just replied ” Well I am glad that you decided to look somewhere else because that clerk sent us on a wild goose chase and we would have been here all day and never found our lights”.