Thursday night the weatherman on channel 4 announced that a blizzard was going to hit Denver on Saturday. Since we know that channel 4 is God’s channel, this information had to be true. My dad spent all day Friday calling everyone and telling them that he would not see them in Church on Sunday – or perhaps ever again if the storm got bad enough. We made sure we had plenty of food and got prepared for the event no matter what happened. It did snow all day Saturday. The highway going east out of Denver was closed due to blowing snow. This happens frequently as the land east of Denver is open plains. The highway going out of Denver west was clogged and traffic was bumper to bumper. This happens frequently as there are thousands of skiers heading for the mountains on the weekend.

My dad was prepared for the worst and he was certain we would never leave the house again.  Sunday morning we woke up to sunny skies and a beautiful day. There was snow on the yards , but the streets and sidewalks were clear. Another beautiful typical Denver snow ( to me they are especially beautiful when no shoveling is involved ). Between the snow storm and daylight savings, we had had a very exciting Saturday. On our way to Church Sunday morning my dad exclaimed ” Oh damn I forgot to take my grout medication ” When he said that all I could think of was, I wish I had known there was a pill for that because I spent most of Friday afternoon scrubbing the tile in the bathroom.