No this isn’t about the super hero or the movie. I belong to the Defenders of Wildlife. Every month they have a movie, lecture or guest panel discussing an animal that has or is becoming an endangered species.  This month it was the Wolverine. My niece and I decided to go. We took the usual precautions, we had the cell phone and our arrival and departure times – we were to call in case of a time change. So, when we got to the Denver Zoo, we phoned my dad to tell him we had arrived safely. ( No alien abduction on our way there – what a relief ).

The film was quite interesting and featured several individuals that had devoted their lives to the study of the wolverine. This one woman in particular stated that she had spent the last 30 years studying and tracking wolverines. In that 30 year period she had only seen 4 wolverines in person. We decided to leave after the film and not stay for the panel discussion. We phoned my dad to tell him we were safe and leaving the Zoo. When we arrived home he asked us how we enjoyed the event. We told him about the film on wolverines and told him about the woman who had devoted 30 years in studying these animals. After thinking for a minute my dad said ” Oh wolverines, you know when I was a boy my dad and I were hunting and we came across this den with 2 wolverines and their cubs. Right before we arrived a cougar apparently had tried to attack the cubs and they had shreaded her to pieces. We kept our distance.” All I could thank of was that poor woman who had devoted 30 years research to these animals and stated in the film that she had never seen a wolverine cub but hoped that would happen one day. Maybe she should contact my dad.